Humanoid Setup

Setting up your Humanoid could not be easier. We will break it into sections below.

# Core Setup

Make sure you FBX model is a Humanoid & Game Ready. When we talk about game ready we mean the models scaling must be correct and all models Unity based have to be Z-Forward.

(Caption - Make sure Animation Type is set to Humanoid.)

# Creating Player/Npc

In the top menu go to Humanoid Basics > Player Setup. This will bring up the Humanoid Basics Setup window.

(Caption - It will automatically instantiate a Player if there isn’t one in the scene)



Player or Npc


Based Animator for the Humanoid, this can be Civilian, Ninja, Zombie, Drunk or Custom.


The model asset you want to use as your Humanoid. This can be a prefab.

Scale Factor

Adjust the Scale Factor so the Model fits in the Capsule Collider.

Collider Scale Factor

The scale collider factor on the model.