Humanoid Basics is an easy to setup Third Person Controller for humanoids with the basics features like:

  • Basic Locomotion. Walk, Run Crouch, Jump, Climb etc.
  • Switch aim direction.
  • Automatic lean while aiming.
  • Ik based weapon control, easy to add more.
  • Multiple Animators including Civilian, Ninja, Zombie & Drunk.
  • Basic Npc Support. Uses same Humanoid Core base script.

# Getting Started

Let's add some game object tags to your project:

Go to Edit > Project Settings > Tags and Layers and then add a couple tags called "Climbable" and "Weapon". Then add a new Layer called "Humanoid". Make sure your Player has the Layer set to Humanoid as well as the Animator.

Note: You probably don’t need to do this, as the package import all the Project Settings, but make sure if the mentioned tags exists.